2021 Membership (Expires December 31, 2021) 



  • Permanent Name Tag
  • Member Pricing on Lunches [$30 Early Bird | $35 Late]
  • Website Directory Entry
  • Houston Aggie Women Icon
  • Member Door Prizes & Member Minute
  • Member Donation Nomination & Vote
  • Facebook Welcome Post [Must Opt-In]***
  • LinkedIn Welcome Post  [Must Opt-In]***
  • Facebook Birthday Post  [Must Opt-In]***
  • LinkedIn Anniversary Post  [Must Opt-In]***


Founding Members will continue to receive Founding Member Benefits as long as their membership is kept current. 


Founding Member Benefits:

  • Name Tag with "Founding Member" Distinction
  • Website Directory Entry with "Founding Member" Distinction
  • Houston Aggie Women Icon with "Founding Member" Distinction
  • All other benefits listed above


A new Member Directory is in development. When the design is complete, you will receive an email requesting the information needed to compose your Directory Entry. 

You're going to love the new look!


*** If you want to opt-in for social media posts, either opt-in when you purchase your membership or include your written Opt-In when you e-mail your Directory Entry information.

2021 Annual Membership (Expires December 31, 2021)