This item includes delivery of Traditions 2018 Merlot wine to one address.

You may include up to three (3) recipients.


Delivery can be ordered with Wine Only or Wine with Gift Wrap
If we are delivering Gift-Wrapped Traditions 2018 Merlot wine, you may specify a short message to be hand-written on the enclosure card included in the gift bag.


When you order this item, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and requesting the information we need for a successful delivery:

  • Sender Name
  • Sender Company (if applicable)
  • Sender Address
  • Sender Cell Phone Number (for texting confirmation of delivery)


  • Delivery Address (If this is a business address, please confirm that a gift of wine can be left in the reception area.)


For each Recipient (up to 3), we will need

  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Company (if applicable)
  • Recipient Cell Phone (for texting confirmation of delivery)
  • Special Instructions (if any)
  • What are we delivering?
    If we are delivering Gift-Wrapped Traditions 2018 Merlot, what do you want on the Enclosure Card included in the gift bag with the wine?

Wine Delivery

  • On the morning of the delivery day, the recipient(s) will receive a phone call to confirm the address where we are delivering that day and any special instructions about the delivery.

    When the wine has been delivered, both the sender and the recipient(s) will receive a text message confirming that delivery has been made.